Thursday, 26 August 2010

After the Rain

The Skies

I's been a busy week... Again. I cannot WAIT for the proof-reading of my thesis to be over! It feels like I've been working on it for as long as I remember, desperately trying to create something that would qualify as even remotely decent academia. Sigh.

Anyway, before I'm off escaping to Paris for the weekend, here are a few pictures from a walk for which I stole the time one evening, when the sun broke through the clouds after one of those heavy summer downpours we can't seem to get enough of at the moment. The city smelled of drenched dog and pine trees, and everything was lovely.

The Embankment

Secret Passage

The Stairs


P.S. A (litterally) hot tip for cheering up rainy and coldish late summer evenings, I've discovered, is hot tomato and basil broth with vermicelli and a thick loaf of fresh bread. Heat a litre of weak broth mixed with a full table spoon of tomato passata, a small spoon of chilli powder and a few torn leaves of fresh basil. Cook the vermicelli in the broth until its quite al dente, and then serve with a few drops of good olive oil and a lot of grated parmesan. Aaah. On top of its own decliciousness, this dish is the perfect excuse for over-eating on fabulous fresh bread from my new corner bakery. Double aaaah.

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