Monday, 7 February 2011

Snapshots from Paris

February, 6th (Café)
January, 14th (Entracte)
January, 6th (Bare)
Friday Morning
Just a few random snaps from Paris.

With the exceptions of a few very random encounters in various kinds of public transportation and some upset and gesticulating smoking under the "no smoking" sign on track 23 in gare de Montparnasse ("We will give you some info as soon as we just figure out what is going on." The French railways really know how to communicate), nothing too spectacular happened in Paris this weekend. The real action went down in the tiny village of Dangers outside of Paris, at the wedding which was the reason for me spending Friday night speaking to strangers in the above-mentioned train station. I'll post some pictures from there too later, when I get the good ones sorted out.

Most importantly, though, on Sunday afternoon I did manage to grab some coffee in the sun.

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