Tuesday, 15 March 2011

birds. and brunch. all in grey

On Sunday, the sun was hiding again and at first glance the city, in all of its impressive greyness, appeared about as merry as an Edith Södergran poem. But looking a little bit closer, and deciding to ignore my toes, protesting in the freezing sleet (I get it, I get it, March is still a sock-month, fine!), I noticed a ton of colours, hidden in the grayscale. I'm not sure whether I ever realised before... ducks are shiny! Glittering, almost, in green and blue and grey.

The food shots are all from the brunch at Töölöönranta, which was all right. Not great (fried tofu? no croissants? what?), but definitely all right (funny lemon quark to scare les étrangers. priceless. hehe.), and the eery emptiness of the surrounding park on a sludgy Sunday morning was absolutely lovely. However, I'm still hunting for the perfect Sunday hang-out. So, if you have any tips or ideas, let me know!

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