Monday, 27 September 2010

Last Days of Summer

Last Days of Summer
Sunday Shoes
Last Days of Summer

This kind of early autumn days, when all of a sudden you still can feel the summer return as a reflection in the still water or the unexpected warmth of the sun in a sheltered spot behind the trees, are just as lovely as the first spring days when a hint of summer can be smelled in the afternoon breeze. This is the time for long walks in the park while listening to the leaves rustle under your feet, and for forgetting time in the forrest, gathering mushrooms and for returning home, surprised by the evening chill, to cuddle up in front of the fireplace.

Suddenly autumn seems like a perfectly decent seaason.

Shoes by Fairmount. Bought in Avenue de Ternes in Paris from an adorable little shoe shop, the name of which I can never remember, but that sells the most comfortable loafers in the world.

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