Sunday, 3 October 2010

It's been a year (and it doesn't surprise me)


I'm so proud. A year ago one of my most precious friends started something so many Serious People thought was impossible, and today we all know it worked. He put a good idea into practice... the best coffee I know. Better than Starbucks - with the pidgeons in place des Vosges, even.

And tonight I realised that I have changed. Perhaps for good. A year ago, I stumbled home after dancing all night, miserably longing for something long since lost. Tonight I walked home in my ridiculously high and beautiful red heels, light at heart and missing something completely different.

The poetry of the late night streets of Paris.





Ruby red magic shoes by Pura Lopez. Thank you to my beautiful friend Johanna for capturing them on film. Neither of us had anything to do with the oranges, really.


  1. Hey pretty! Det var kul igår! Din blogg är classy och fin - du finns nu på min länklista. Xx

  2. Aaaalltså i lördags. Jag är helt råddig. :)

  3. Hehe. Lördag, schmördag... sånt är lite svårt. Men tusen tack - våldsamt bra med ny bloggvänner!


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