Sunday, 21 November 2010

my favourite Helsinki, part 1

Bistro Helsinki
Bistro HelsinkiThe First Snow
Bistro Helsinki

On Thursday morning the first real snow fell over Helsinki. In large, wet flakes, thrown in your face from all directions at incredible speed and which stick to your hair, making you look like a snowman, before melting into dark stains on your woollen coat. Not a particularly nice weather, but for a while in the morning the city looked extremely pretty. Messy, perhaps, but definitely pretty.

And then, when I finally woke up on Saturday after yet another night of beautiful company, delicious bubbly drinks and far too much dancing (Christmas season isn't easy), everything had finally frozen into winter wonderland. All was white and all was quiet.

Sitting in my window and staring at the snow flakes dancing past the hat shop across the street I realised how fun it could be to do a few posts to share all the cool things I'm slowly realising there actually are to do in this city. So, voilà... Cool things to do in Helsinki, part 1. Have lunch at Bistro Helsinki 15.

Enough said, the fried goat's cheese will tell you all you need to know. Oh, and go on a rainy day to avoid queuing, and to fully appreciate the creamy warmness of the beetroot risotto.

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