Monday, 3 January 2011

No More Champagne...

No More Champagne...
January, 2nd

On New Year's Eve I wore the earrings I inherited from my grandmother.

When I was little my grandmother would let me play with the contents of her jewellery box, and I would dangle these on my fingers and admire the lights reflected in the crystals. I could play with them for hours, and pretend that I was a fairy princess (or a dragon guarding a treasure, depending on my mood). I was completely mesmerized by that a frosted surface could actually create reflections.

Throughout my childhood I found that very puzzling.

I 'm not generally the kind of person who starts every new year with promises of radical self improvement (my good intentions are usually resereved for the rentrée in September), but watching my grandmother's earrings on my windowsill I deacided that I nevertheless like the idea of new year's resolutions. After all, as far as new ambitious projects go, what could be a better time to start them than the moment when you finally wake up again after your new year's eve recovery?

New year, new projects.

While admiring the crystal reflections I decided to start a kind-of 365 project, mainly in order to force me to actually take even a few pictures every day even though my work currently seems to be all but completely killing my creativity. We'll see for how long my good intentions last in practice (or how horrible pictures I can come up with when forced to), but as for now I'm pretty confident that this is a brilliant idea.

Therefore - voilà - a glimpse of the puzzling earrings before they go back in their box and the back of my chaotic drawer. Where they belong for now, because I think the champagne and fireworks are over for a while...

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  1. Wonderful blog, dear! And amazing earrings! My granny on the other hand had several Czech crystal chandelliers which I always wanted to dismantle into similar jewelry :)


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