Sunday, 19 September 2010

Housewarming Party

A big thank you to all the fabulous people who came by last night to help me eat the giant focaccia (...of doom...) and to celebrate the finishing of my thesis and, most importantly, start what will hopefully be a long series of warm and happy parties in my new home. If everyone enjoyed themselves even half as much as I did myself I think we can definitely declare the evening a great success.

And once again, I can't believe what neighbours put up with in the name of housewarming.

I'll probably rant more about the focaccia later, as it might have been the most fun thing I've ever baked, but for now I think it's enough to state that I really appreciated the mix of people who helped me eat it. No one spilled red wine on the carpet, and this morning while collecting empty bottles in a blue ikea-bag I discovered a ton of treasures that people had left beinhd. The treasures are always the best part of housewarmings. The red wine sneakily hidden behind the goat's cheese in the refridgerator I am sure will come in handy later, and the truffle oil made my hung over brunch today a lot more fun. Grazie.

Everybody was there, almost. Happiness.

Pictures by my clever boyfriend, who was a little bit less distracted by the coteaux de languedoc than I and remembered to take pictures. Lovely.

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