Thursday, 9 December 2010

Moscow, Even More

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Physically I am back in Helsinki, but my mind intends to stay in Russia for a little longer... Bear with me for a moment while the singing Christmas trees and strangely pastel-overladen game shows on TV fade and give way to sensible shoes and the general protestantism of complaining about the snow. I had a wonderful weekend of loosing myself in the crowded metro, wrapped up in fancy scarves, and eating pickled tomatoes, accompanied by compliments on my rusting Russian. Of drinking tea with far-more-than-reasonable sugar, of bubble baths and sparkling ice crystals on my grey fox hat. Not bad for just another weekend.

P.s. Although I'm sure it could well be blamed on having had one or two too many of the aforementioned pickled tomatoes, I've finally had to grudgingly admit that Russian food may not be best in Finland after all... Should you by any chance have your way by Moscow, I strongly recommend trying out the boeuf stroganoff at Café Pushkin.

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  1. Oh, Moscow, how I miss her. Thanks for the photos, they bring back a lot of memories.

    Happy new year.


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